About Us

At Romarin Internacional we offer innovative solutions that help our customers to:

✓ Increase sales
✓ Reduce shrinkage
✓ Build customer loyalty

We are in 12 countries in the North, Central, South American and Caribbean markets.

We offer local support to our customers.

We are supported by the brands we represent

Our Values are:

• Continuous Innovation
• Quality of our solutions
• Post-Sales support
• Commitment with our clients

We have more than 12 years in the market, an active portfolio of more than 100 clients:

• Retailers
• Telecom Carriers
• Electronics Manufacturers

Romarin is consolidated in Latin America, as a company committed to offering products and services with the latest technology, providing the necessary support for the brands we represented.

This has allowed us to become a true business partner for our customers, with active operations in 12 countries and serving multiple channels.

Romarin invites you to discover the solutions we have available and also experience the service and advice from our professional staff.

Our Brands


Providing solutions that maximize the profitability of our customers, ensuring a fair market value. Contribute to the professional and personal development our team members, to be true agents of change and contribute to the development of their communities, cities and countries.


Become a company with a global presence, serving quality and customization to each of our clients. Pioneer in the industry, offering latest technology solutions that minimize losses and increase sales and productivity of our customers.


Based on principles of honesty, loyalty, responsibility and confidentiality, ensuring that our employees, customers and the community, may benefit from our activity, safeguarding the return on investment of our shareholders.